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Medical Microbiology

by Fritz H., M.D. Kayser, Kurt A., Ph.D. Bienz, Johannes Eckert, Rolf M. Zinkernagel

Product Details:
Paperback: 698 pages
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers (November 30, 2004)
ISBN: 1588902455

The objective of this textbook of medical microbiology is to instill a broadbasedknowledge of the etiologic organisms causing disease and the pathogeneticmechanisms leading to clinically manifest infections into its users.This knowledge is a necessary prerequisite for the diagnosis, therapy, andprevention of infectious diseases. This book addresses primarily studentsof medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Beyond this academic purpose, its usefulnessextends to all medical professions and most particularly to physiciansworking in both clinical and private practice settings.

This book makes the vast and complex field of medical microbiology moreaccessible by the use of four-color graphics and numerous illustrations withdetailed explanatory legends. The many tables present knowledge in a cogentand useful form. Most chapters begin with a concise summary, and in-depthand supplementary knowledge are provided in boxes separating them fromthe main body of text.


Infectious Diseases: Guide to Current Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

ISBN: 0970390262
Publisher: Webmd Professional Publishing Edition: (April, 2003)
Paperback: 672 pages

Summary:New from the editors and authors of WebMD Scientific American® Medicine—the quarter-century leader in continually updated medical information—this book provides practical and current recommendations on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious disease. Its chapters cover such rapidly evolving subjects as bioterrorism, but also covers the mainstays of infectious disease, such as STDs and upper respiratory infections. This book includes, as well, viral, bacterial, fungal infections, slow virus, prions, and others

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Microbiology eBook

Medical Microbiology & Immunology

pages: 644 pagesPublisher: McGraw-Hill/Appleton & LangeISBN: 0071431993Average Customer Review: Based on 3 review(s).Format: DjVuSize: 15.6 Mb ApproxSupplier: AmazonSummary:The most concise, comprehensive, and up-to-date medical microbiology immunology review! Gives students the high-yield information they need to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 and course exams. Completely updated throughout, the new edition covers developments in HIV, hepatitis, smallpox, SARS, and more. Features case discussions, USMLE-style questions, and a USMLE-style practice exam.

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