Monday, November 12, 2007

The Clostridia: Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis

The Clostridia: Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis
by Julian I. Rood (Editor), Bruce A. McClane (Editor), J. Glenn Songer (Editor), Richard W. Titball (Editor)

Product Details:
* Hardcover: 533 pages
* Publisher: Academic Press; 1st edition (January 15, 1997)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0125950209

Book Description:

The clostridia are a group of bacteria of considerable medical and economic importance and include species responsible for generating the most potent toxins known to humans.
The Clostridia: Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis is a unique work, comprising the most complete reference on the clostridia for over 20 years, bringing together the results from some of the most innovative and exciting research in the past decade. Using a principle-oriented rather than taxonomic approach, the results from molecular biology research are placed in the context of their clinical significance, and the disease process as a whole.
This state-of-the-art work is truly comprehensive, covering and integrating the diverse topics of genetics, physiology, pathogenesis and cell biology.
Written and edited by world-renowned authorities, material is presented to give the reader an up-to-date knowledge of the pathogenic species of this important genus. Background information is followed by details of the genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and disease mechanisms. The structure, function and mode of action of toxins and other virulence determinants is clearly presented. As such, this work will prove essential for students, teachers, research microbiologists, infectious disease clinicians, toxin specialists, and all those working in medical or veterinary bacteriology, microbial genetics and the pharmaceutical industries.


Immunopharmacology of Platelets

Immunopharmacology of Platelets (Handbook of Immunopharmacology)
by M. Joseph (Editor), Clive Page (Series Editor)

Product Details:
* Hardcover: 250 pages
* Publisher: Academic Press; 1 edition (July 25, 1995)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0123901200

Book Description
Platelets have long been the subject of much investigation in the areas of vascular physiology, biochemistry, immunology and physiopathology. Their ability to react to environmental stimuli, to modify their shape and metabolism despite being anuclear, has fascinated scientists.
This volume looks specifically at the involvement of blood platelets outside their 'classical' field of application, in the physiopathological mechanics of allergy and inflammation. The coverage includes the role of platelets in bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases and in tumour cell interactions.